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About Lita Alis Beauty & Spa

Lita Alis Beauty & Spa was established in 2021 at No 147A, Jalan 8/1, Section 8, Bandar Baru Bangi, 43650 Kajang, Selangor. The concept of Kampung Melayu Traditional, contains three main treatment rooms, registration room, waiting room, and administration office.

The purpose of this spa service was created is to provide quality facial skin health care services, cheap and fast.

The main target of our customers is patients who have received treatment for various skin problems at the Lita Alis Clinic. Common facial skin problems are acne, white head, blackhead, oily skin, dull skin, fine lines, black spots, dry skin, uneven tone, and freckles. Hair, nail, ear, and weight care will be implemented.

We use all Lita Alis cosmetics and health care products to the fullest to impact and impact every customer. Several high-tech machines and equipment are used in line with current developments.
The targeted patients are Malays, aged 40-60 years, working and middle income.

Minimum fees apply.

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