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Why Paraben Are harmful?

Parabens can mimic the human hormone estrogen. This means that they may interfere with the hormone balance of your body, no matter your sex.

The estrogenic activity of parabens has been shownTrusted Source to interfere with the way that your body’s hormones regulate. This is cause for concern because it could mean parabens influence reproductive activities, like pregnancy and menstruation.

Research has also demonstrated that parabens can easily absorbTrusted Source through your skin, and daily application of beauty products with parabens can cause them to accumulate in your system. Steady exposure to parabens may play a partTrusted Source in the growth of breast cancer cells in women. There’s also an environmental impact.

Some people have an allergic reaction to parabens. This reaction can include:

  • redness

  • irritation

  • itchy skin

  • flaking

  • hives

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